Educations Biggest Problem

The issue isn’t the Degrees, no Educations Biggest Problem is everyone in Debt for Degrees they don’t use.

These are the students who cant find jobs in the career field or simply don’t want to work in it.

Why does this problem exist ?

The cause of this is hard to track down because its simply not a reported problem.

Students either move along to a new degree program or they disappear into the working class.

However no matter what they do they end up with a massive amount of Student Debt with Non of the benefits.

This issue will follow these students around for years, and typically more than 10 years.

Some default of moneys owed and end up with additional Credit Rating issues as well.

How can Educations Biggest Problem be avoided ?

So the schools do a relatively good job of being up front with their programs and what the careers are.

Often the information is more of a sales pitch than the hard honest truth but then it is their sales pitch.

The problem is that the students are ultimately the ones choosing their career path.

They do this with normally very little if not zero experience.

Zero Experience in any jobs and careers truth be told.

Despite parents getting involved the truth is they often have little impact.

They want their children to be successful.

At the same time they want their kids to do what they want and what makes them happy.

To do this you must give them space to choose.

Where you can help is to talk about the career path.

What the jobs are like.

Ideally take them into talk to someone working the career.

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