Education Cost is a Teaching Opportunity

No matter what you do your child’s Education Cost is a something they learn from.

If you pay for it entirely or they pay, there is something they take away.

Regardless of what type of degree or education being taken we all need Financial Skills.

One of the first things we all learn after high school is the Value of money.

We have spent essentially our entire life up until then being taken care of.

Someone else has worked for the money.

They have paid for housing, Food, the Stuff in our Lives.

At this point we cannot truely understand the Value of those items because we are putting no effort into getting them.

Food is expansive but for us we get what we want and eat as much as we desire without cost.

We sleep in a nice house and have video games, toys, bikes, and sporting equipment all for free.

Once we strike out on our own its a massive shift to having to pay for everything.

If we have no skills or understanding on finances then it is far more painful than is needed.

Education Costs are an important Point

Too many parents simply pay for our childs education.

While this is hard not to do it can also be a detriment.

We want our kids to do will in life and have all the advantages we did not have.

Paying for education seems like a super simple choice.

Of course we want them to succeed.

They succeed more easily with a degree and career.

Nobody wants their child to start out adult life with massive debt.

So we pay.

Paying is not the true problem.

The problem comes if it is seen as the same as when we bought their last video game system.

They liked it a lot and appreciated getting it.

What is missing is truely Valuing what is given.

When you value an opportunity it means you know its cost and are willing to work hard to not squander the opportunity.

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