Student Loans and How to Get Them

Most students attending university end with some level of Student Loans by the time they graduate. Handling this debt is challenging.

What type of Student loan

You have a lot of options for your student loan sources.

Some are better than others, but in the end its your specific needs that determine which is best.

Private Student Loans

Private Loans to Students are typically family members giving you the loan.

This is your best short term option because Family Members typically are more flexible.

Most times you will not be asked to repay anything until you graduate and start working.

Often you can end up with a very good interest rate, sometimes its 0% for immediate family.

Federal Student Loans

Federal loans are from the government.

You apply for them and the federal government sends you the money.

Today and at other times of financial crisis the federal Loans suspend interest payments.

This can save you a ton of money.

Often students apply for Federal Loans in conjunction with a private loan from family.

Parent Plus Loans

Parent plus is essentially having a Parent as a Co-signer.

what does that mean ?

It means the parent is guaranteeing the loan payments.

Should you default then your parent is on the hook for the monthly payments.

Doing this makes it possible to get a much larger loan that you alone would otherwise qualify for.

Repayment time frame is also happily much more flexible than a bank.

Family is happy to help and you are happier to have a less costly loan package.

Refinance Loans

Where to get a Student Loan ?

You have many options for Student Loans.

Students are a good risk for loans because you are just starting your career.

Typically university Grads will make more money which means payments are not an issue.

You have many traditional sources to get a loan.

Citizens Bank Student Loans

Citizen Bank is one of your Best Choices for getting a Student Loan.

At the very least you must consider all of the packages they offer.

Citizen back works with Students and tailors a package that fits you needs and the diploma you are going after.

Lets face it, the longer you are in school the more it costs.

Citizen Bank knows this and has packages that fir.

You can get Undergraduate and full Graduate Loans.

If you already have student loans, don’t worry, Citizen Bank will work with you to Refinance your Loans.

Citizens Bank Forbearance

Loan Forbearance is particulary of value to Students.

A Normal Student Loan or Consolidation loan is very likely due to start repayment as soon as you graduate.

Forbearance Loans gives you time before the bank forcloses when you are unable to Pay.

This means you have a chance to find a job.

Get money in the bank, get a place to live.

Citizen Bank Forbearance is 24 months.

Citizen Bank Repayment Penalties

Assuming you get a job quickly, you could be in a position to pay off your Student Loan early.

No problem.

Citizen Bank allows you to pay off early. No Penalty.

Many banks want their full interest and you are penalized for early payments.

Get Paid by Citizens Bank

Friends do better by helping one another.

This applies to Citizen Bank Student Consolidation loans !

Refer Friends and you get $200 per referred friend who successfully applies and gets their own student loan.

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