Solar Powered Electric Car Potential

Current Gas Prices have everyone scrambling to Adjust to much higher Costs and a Solar Power Electric Car is sounding really good.

Unfortunately this higher gas price is just one aspect of an overall higher Inflation Rate.

Everything is going up in cost which means things like Gas that we literally burn away is a harder and harder pill to swallow.

Many people are looking at where their money is going and how they can save.

The biggest and obvios change today is switching to an electric Car.

No Gas to throw away and instant savings in your pocket.

However with this thought also comes the inevitable question.

Why Can I not buy a Solar powered Electric Vehicle ?

Is Solar powered Cars Feasible ?

On the surface Why not ?

The Solar panels charge the battery and the battery makes the car go.


Where can I buy a Solar Powered Electric Car ?

What ? There are non for Sale ?

So why is there No Solar Cars yet ?

To answer this question we need to look at a Cars Electric Requirements.

Lets pick a car

Everyone knows the now famous Tesla Model 3

This Car uses about 240 Watt Hours Per Mile Travelled.

Now this sounds super technical but all we need to do is compare this number to the Solar Capability.

Lets look at a single trip of 60 Miles.

At the ideal speed to 60 miles per hour this will take a single hour.

Solar Panel Capability

Now that we know what the car needs lets look at a solar panel.

Solar Panels have gotten better and better over the years.

Only a handful of years ago a typical solar panel generated 400 Watts.

Today High power Panels generated 600 Watts plus.

If the Solar Panel generates only 500 Watts then over the hour it takes for the trip each panel will generate enough power for 2 Miles.

This means we need 30 Solar Panels generating 500 Watts to generate the required power to travel 60 Miles at 60 Mph.

Each Solar Panel is about 2 feet by 4 feet in size.

Now the Roof of our vehicles are not setup to maximize solar panels today.

However if we redesigned the car for Solar how many could we add ?

Well a typical car is 8 feet wide and about 16 feet long.

If we could use All that space we would have 4 solar panels wide by 4 solar panels long.

That is 16 Solar panels.

Well that is amazingly close to our Full needs.

We are providing half of our total power requirements with free solar energy.

A Fully powered Solar Powered Electric Car is very close to a reality.

If we increased the efficiency of our Solar panels by only 50% we would have 75% of our Cars power needs handled by Solar.

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