Oral & Dental Surgery – Understanding The Process & Facts

From a young age, many people fear a trip to the dentist’s office, even if it is just for a common regular cleaning or wisdom tooth extraction. In the case of chipped, damaged or infected teeth, however, the procedure can be more daunting and nervous. Below there is a list of common surgical procedures, alongside a brief, informational description of each.

Crowns and Caps – Crowns are restorations placed on broken or cracked or teeth in order to prevent further damage and protect the tooth.

Extractions – The removal of a tooth which is severely damaged or infected, including permanent teeth.

Dentures – Dentures are prosthetic replacements for lost or removed teeth. They come in two varieties, full or partial.

Fillings and Repairs – Teeth that have been damaged due to cavities or trauma are corrected using either composite (plastic), amalgam (silver), porcelain or gold fillings.
Root Canals