Learning German Language for English Natives

Learning German is the Easiest language for Native English speakers to grasp and quickly understand.

This is because today’s English is rooted in Old Western Germanic.

Germanic, as it sounds is the root of modern day German as well as English.

One the Surface I think German sounds so different from English that its not possible to be easy.

However I was proven wrong and here is why

English German Common Rooted Words

I discovered a shocking quantity of common words on English and German.

Many words we have taken straight from German and German meanings.

for Example the Rottweiller and Dachshund breeds of Dogs might as well be straight English words but are actually German.

We all know these dogs and say the words as tho they are English.

Even the lowly Hamster is rooted in Germany.

Originally many chose to describe a Hamster as a German Rat.

Just goes to Show how this German Word is so strongly Rooted in both English and German,

It did not surprise me to learn that SauerKraut and Wiener or Wienerschnizel is German.

However I did not expect Noodle and Gummy Bear to also be straight up German words.

Its surprising how many Words I already know and how easy it is when I start Learning German.

Even Words that only recently have come to prominance are rooted in German.

For example Antifa in German means Anti-Fascist.

Its been seem many times in recent news by a group to claim to agree with that sentiment.

Uber which is today a car service also is a descriptor that can mean Super or Very when used in sentences.

Poltergeist, Quarts, and Hinterland are direct common words in useage today.

How surprising how many German words we already know.

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