Is Now the Best Time to Buy an Electric Car

It is the Best Time to Buy an Electric Car or would I be better off waiting ?

This is a question I have pondered for some time now.

There are many things to consider and some of the issues surrounding Electric Cars are opposing issues.

On the Positive side I can start saving money on Gas today if I bought an electric car now.

Flip side is can I even find an electric car, what will the price be, and would I get what I want.

Start Saving Money today

So I start saving money the minute I switch to an electric car.

And its a lot.

If I pay $600 a month in Gas, which I do, then I’ll save at least $450 per month.

That is crazy savings

Its the ongoing instant savings.

But there is more.

My Electric car does NOT use Oil.

Nor does it use Coolant.

In fact my electric car is more like an Electric Furnace than a modern Gasoline Car.

Its got an Electric Motor or two.

No radiator, not even most of the things in a gas car that requires constant mainentance.

But is it better to wait ?

There are two problems Today.

First its hard to even find an EV for sale.

Don’t even get me started on what EV do I actually want because that is next to impossible.

So if I buy today I’m gonna get what I get.

In a year I may absolutely hate my EV because it doesn’t have the range or features I actually wanted.

Second is Price.

Oh my god, its crazy out there.

The prices of EV’s has risen out of control.

If I wait a year or two will I save more money on the Cost of an EV than I pay in Gas?

this is the critical question to ask when I think about the Best Time to Buy an Electric Car.

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