Evolution of Solar Powered Cars for Everyone

The Evolution of Solar Powered Cars will take us on a path of technological steps towards full Solar.

We know that a fully Solar powered Car is not too far off in terms of Power Generated by Solar versus the power needed for the car.

However we will not get the fully Solar Car in a single step.

Nobody is willing to buy a Car without a Warranty and mechanics who can fix problems.

Automobile manufacturer’s can only offer good warranties when the technology is solid and proven.

After this step Mechanics need to be trained and familiar with the cars.

Today we call them mechanics but in the future they will be mostly electronic Technicians.

So how do we move from Gas to Electric cars ?

We are on the path for the first step.

Cars with Electric Motors to drive is the fundamental need for all electric cars.

Next comes powering that car.

The Tesla 3 has a large and powerful battery that has a great range and speed.

The downfall of these models is that your only option is to plug them in.

Before we can get to full solar cars we will need to take a few steps.

Adding Solar for trickle charging

If we can add the equivalent of 4 Solar panels to a car we will be able to Trickle charge the battery.

This will Add Range to our Vehicle even tho we won’t be fully Solar.

We can now reduce the size of that massive and heavy battery while still keeping the original range for the Car.

Costs just went down and with a lighter car we get better range and acceleration as well.

Solar Paint

The next step could be using Solar Paint on our Car.

At any giving time less than half of the car is facing the sun.

However with a fully Solar Painted car we still have huge surface area.

This will likely give us at least 50% of our total power requirements.

The cars can look the way we like them too.

Not blocky and ugly due to fitting traditional Solar panels onto them.

The Evolution of Solar Powered Cars is a straight line to Cutting our Electricity and Gas cords for all cars.

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