Dental Surgery – Everything You Need To Know

However, dental surgery is a blanket term used to encompass the mass variety there is for the surgeries that may be prescribed. If the damage to the teeth is due to a crack or shattering then crowns and caps are placed on the tooth to prevent further damage and protect the tooth. If the tooth has been eaten away at by cavities or trauma, then a filling is required. Most fillings are added to the tooth after the infected or decayed area has been removed, and come in four common materials; composite (plastic), amalgam (silver), porcelain or gold fillings. If the decay and cracking in the tooth is too severe then a filling may not cut it, and in this case, the doctor will have to perform root canal. This surgery requires opening up the tooth in order to clean out the infected portion before space is filled and closed off.

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, however, and no other form of surgery would suffice the dentist may recommend extraction; taking out the tooth altogether. In that case, one may have to get dental implants or dentures, depending on the loss.

Pre and post-operation procedures are put in place to ensure the patient’s comfort and proper healing of the tooth. In the case of at home care, however, diligence and maintenance by the patient is crucial in the overall healing of the tooth and in the prevention of future damage.